Thursday, 29 December 2011

Awakening: my first entry

Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I am not writing this blog because I wanted to share my favorite inspirational words that begin with the letter "A" to the world. The letter "A" is a great letter, but a whole blog should not be dedicated to it, or any other letter.

Any who...

I am writing this blog because of my love for all things arranged, and partly due to peer pressure. Yesterday, while g-chatting with Stacy and Caitlin, they were intrigued by my passion for planning various aspects of not only my life, but theirs as well. They found it fascinating that I wanted to spend hours on the computer looking for the perfect pair of boots and dresses for each of them, or that I invited myself over to help them scrapbook [and admitting that I have boxes of supplies that I will donate].

I can trace my passion for arrangements lineage directly to my mother. Once referred to as the "Disney Nazi," she has successful passed down this glorious trait to me. She will gladly plan anything travel- (specifically Disney) related right down to the last detail with a smile on her face. Although I love to plan vacations or day trips, I think the planning gene that I have has taken on a more creative life.

This blog is dedicated to things that inspire or fascinate me concerning scrap booking, event planning or fashion.

I hope you enjoy